“ RPGChicago did a great job promoting ENWorld Chicago Game Day; we had our second-largest turnout ever. If bringing people together to game is what this Meetup is all about, then they do a great job. ”

— Buzz
“ Great group of guys who know 4E, very friendly to newcomers, great atmosphere ”

— Andrew Hayward
“ The Camarilla is a great opportunity for anyone interested in LARPing. SO many people to meet and interact with and a really amazing range of stories and venues. ”

— Christopher M Madsen
“ Because it’s a great excuse to get out of responsibilities and paint minis for five hours straight! ”

— Randall Smith
“ If you play games, this group has it all. (Any game, really.) And if they don’t have it, they know someone who does, or want to learn. 😉 ”

— Warcry
“ I wouldn’t be organizing it if I didn’t think it was a good thing. I’ll do my best to make sure you have a good experience too. ”

— Nate Scheidler
“ You get to pretend to be mice with swords! 😛 ”

— Josh K.
“ It’s fun, and they’re friendly to new players. ”

— Akira!
“ Because if you are into gaming there is going to be something for you to enjoy. ”

— Eric Deist
“ The clinics are a good way to improve your game. Plus, they offer lots of different genres for you to play in, they’re not just another D&D group. ”

— Entropy
“ This group is great! We have a local guy that understands how players, DM, and the game system are suppose to interact. He can provide DM’s constructed tips on how to improve their groups. Plus you have other DM/GM bounding ideas off each other. This group should be monthly with an online Blog were we can discuss how our groups went that week. Then other DM/GM can offer constructed tips on how to improve the flow of your game. As far as improving the meet up, pass out some handouts on the main points of the topic. My friends and I take turns Dming, I wish I could have given them a handout of his presentation. By having a copy of the presentation we have a writen copy to follow on how to be better DM. Other then the lack of handouts it was a great group. I am looking forward to the next one in December or January. ”

— Mose
“ The people are great. Really fun, creative and welcoming to newbies. ”

— Laura
“ Who doesn’t like meeting up for group activities involving strategy and imagination? I mean seriously! ”

— d20 Sapphire
“ This is an amazing group of people with a great sense of adventure! ”

— Michelle

— Joanna Price
“ If you’re looking for a place in Chicago to join a D&D game and have a good time but can’t quite commit to a full campaign, check out the RPGA. Play when you can make it, meet new people and throw the bones. ”

— Phil Kalata
“ Meeting new people to game with is a great! ”

— Shannon
“ Lots of fun, easy way to get into 4.0 if you have not played this version yet, or any other. ”

— Gerald daChicago
“ Good adventures fun people need anything else. ”

— Israel